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What is Click’n Park?

Click'n Park is an online platform that offers a solution to the problem of finding parking spaces in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. This platform is a service that aims at connecting people who wish to buy, sell, let or rent a parking space (whether it is an outdoor space, in an underground garage, a car park, etc.) 

Click'n Park is the ideal tool for people who quickly and easily want to find a parking space to rent or buy or, alternatively, to rent out their own parking space. 

What types of parking spaces can I rent out or sell?

Different kinds of parking spaces, garages, private side street or backyard parking spaces, parking boxes (public parking spaces are an exception). 

To be able to rent out a parking space, you are required to have all necessary permissions. 

To be able to sell a parking space, you are required to prove that you are the owner. 

What kind of parking spaces is offered by Click'n Park? offers all kinds of parking spaces, except public parking spots. It is possible to search a rentable parking space close to your apartment, your destination or even within popular districts as well as in close proximity to your workplace. 

Professionals such as companies, restaurants or merchants can also rent out their available parking spaces. 

Parking spaces can be rented hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. 

How can I book a parking space?

To book a parking space via the “website" or the "app", the "driver" can use one of the following two methods: 

"Instant reservation - short term" 

"Reservation upon request - long term". 

If a parking space cannot be booked through the "Instant reservation - short term" option, this means that the reservation cannot be fulfilled instantly. 

In that case, the "driver" is required to make a request, which results in the availability of the parking space being checked. The booking becomes effective as soon as the "owner" has communicated his consent. 

How do I know the street number of my parking space?

For confidentiality reasons, the Click'n Park platform does not indicate a street number in the list of available parking spaces. 

Once the reservation has been completed, you will receive a confirmation that includes the street number. 

Example: 17, Avenue de la Liberté, Luxembourg-city, Luxembourg (82) 

17 is the street number 

(82) is the number assigned to the parking space 

If no number appears at the end of the address, it simply means that no number has been assigned to the parking space in question. 

How can I submit a special request?

The Click'n Park platform allows users not only to advertise parking spaces for rent or sale, but also offers a tailor-made service that provides the user with the opportunity to communicate specific requirements to us.

No matter what your requested preferences are, we will ensure with great care that your ideal parking space is found. 

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